We're back! Live jazz Tuesday through Saturday.

Open for happy hour starting at 4 p.m. Weekend shows are both LIVE & ONLINE!
Check our schedule of upcoming shows for details.

Upcoming Live Shows
Philadelphia Jazz Orchestra, led by Joe Bongiovi
August 17 - August 31
Oliver Mayman Trio
August 18
Ari Hoenig featuring Jean-Michel Pilc & Francois Moutin
August 19
Jake Kaplan’s Featherbird
August 19 - August 26
Vocalist, Anais Reno & the Joe Block Quartet with Saxophonist Dylan Band
August 20
Chris Oatts Quintet
August 23
Saxophonist, Mervin Toussaint & his Quartet
August 25
Ben Williams Band "I AM A MAN"
August 26
Support Chris' Jazz Cafe

Support Chris' Jazz Cafe

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100% of the donations will go to the artists who perform on our stage and to the engineers who make the livestream magic happen.

GoFundMe Link https://bit.ly/3qqemvb

Chris' Jazz Cafe produces over 500 live shows a year.
We are a full service venue open to all ages for most shows.