The Pat Martino Quintet ~ New CD!

Fri, Nov 24, 2017
Sat, Nov 25, 2017

The Pat Martino Quintet ~ New CD!

It is hard to give a paragraph, or even a few, about the history and/or biography of a musician / composer / teacher / phenom such as Pat Martino. His life has encompassed artistry on many levels. He grew to soaring heights as a young musician, overcame medical issues that deconstructed (and should have ended) his jazz career, and rebuilt his life again around jazz guitar. He is known world wide as one of, if not the, best jazz guitarist of all time.

He is a mentor, a scholar, a Philadelphia hero and an inspiration to musicians all over the world while maintaining the humbleness, kindness and generosity that he learned in the South Philly streets where he grew up and still calls home.

We are privilaged and excited to have Mr. Martino back for his traditional Thanksgiving Weekend at Chris' Jazz Cafe where he has played for so many years.

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