Ken Fowser & his NY Showcase

Sat, Aug 11, 2018

Ken Fowser & his NY Showcase

with Gregory Generet and Shenel Johns

New York based tenor saxophonist, Ken Fowser, has quickly developed a reputation as one of the finest jazz musicians of his generation. While building upon a strong foundation steeped in the jazz tradition, Fowser continues to develop his own unique voice and style as a saxophonist and composer. Mostly noted for his full bodied tone, linear approach to jazz harmony and commitment to swing, Ken has already made a name for himself among local and international jazz audiences alike.

Gregory Generet

"It was that Coltrane/ Hartman album that literally changed my life.

I’d been singing since I was a child. I’d been doing Gospel and I had also sung a lot in high school bands. Everyone that knew me knew that singing was something that I enjoyed doing but that it was not something I was going to do for a living because I come from Southern parents who said ‘You can sing for God but you’ve got to go get a job!’

Having that thought in my head I never thought I would pursue what I’m doing now.

Shenel Johns

With a voice that embodies grace and passion and a personal style that sways effortlessly from jazz to R&B to gospel, Shenel Johns has emerged as one of the shining stars of her generation. A native of Hartford, CT, Johns has been performing since she was fourteen years of age, and has developed a distinctive, eclectic style that has increasingly caught the attention of her peers and some of the industry’s top performers.